30 Years Jazz | Linda Kovács – Ádám Bögöthy (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Kovács Linda - ének
  • Bögöthy Ádám - nagybőgő

The Hungarian Jazz Federation celebrates its 30 years of activities with a series of concerts at Opus Jazz Club featuring Hungarian jazz artists at the forefront of this creative genre.

The vocal-bass duo formation may seem unusual at first hearing, but pairing the two instruments with a large amount invention is enough to create a complete sound image. The duo’s music pays homage to the traditions with the acoustic sound, but at the same time they use electronics to respond to contemporary trends. The backbone of the complex and varied musical material is mainly the own compositions of the two musicians. Minimal ambient or throbbing groove spiced with a chorus of vocals. The question arises: two swallows are not doing summer, or yet ...?

Linda Kovács is a trailblazing musician who found her own voice in jazz. She knows no compromise in self-expression. Her unique voice and musical thinking elevate her among the greats of Hungarian contemporary jazz. She is also the winner of several Hungarian jazz competitions, and her creativity is also reflected in her compositions: in May 2016 she debuted as a composer-arranger with a cycle of big bang compositions performed by the Budapest Jazz Orchestra. Her name is also highly rated as a jazz instructor.

Ádám Bögöthy is one of the most sought-aftert musicians of the young Hungarian jazz generation. Most people know him as a double bassist, but he also graduated in jazz guitar. He is as characteristic of his openness to genres and musical humility as his detailed instrumental playing. He has appeared in many bands and genres from folk music, pop music, to experimental productions, but his most native genre is jazz and its many varieties. In addition to playing the instrument, he also places great emphasis on songwriting and composing music, including a number of commercials and soundtracks.

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