Ég Alatti 5

July 16

Five shooting stars evoking the hard-bop and modal jazz music of the Sixties

Klára Hajdu Quartet

July 31

The great jazz singer returns to Opus Jazz Club

Viktor Tóth Arura Trio

July 25

Saxophone, cimbalom, and double bass in a unique trio

Bára Zmekova

August 14

A playful and highly personal blend of folk, jazz and classical from the Czech singer/songwriter

Daily menu

15 July 2020 - Wednesday

  • Soup Creamy Spinach Soup with Soup Pearls
  • A: Breaded Meat Pancake with Potato and Mayo
  • B: Caprese Fish with Rice
  • V: Breaded Vegetable Pancake with Potato
  • Dessert Floating Island


Whether you come for the music or the food, Opus Jazz Club is a treat for the senses.