Aram Shelton’s Hang Quartet (US/HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Aram Shelton - altsaxophone
  • Máté Pozsár - piano
  • Péter Ajtai - double bass
  • Zsolt Sárvári Kovács  - drums

Aram Shelton’s Hang Quartet plays creative jazz music inspired by Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, and Charles Mingus. In this newly formed group, Shelton (USA) plays alto saxophone and is joined by some of the most dynamic voices of the Budapest jazz scene: Pozsár Máté, piano; Ajtai Péter, bass; and Kovács Zsolt Sárvári, drums. Since 2000, Aram Shelton has focused on creative music grounded in and influenced by the rich history of avant-jazz and free improvisation. He has a distinct, harmonically rich sound and develops musical thoughts through constant motion, tonal shifts and complex sounds alongside clear melodic and rhythmic constructs. He's been a member of the creative music communities in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Copenhagen and now lives in Budapest. The concert will feature Shelton’s compositions from his albums Everything for Somebody and Gold Age and will display each members distinct styles while making collective music that is joyful, energetic, raw and poignant.

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2020 October 07 Wednesday