Bára Zmeková (CZ)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Bára Zmeková - piano, vocals
  • Nina Marinová - violin, vocals
  • Michal Mihok - accordion
  • Viktor Dořičák - drums, vocals

.. “a soul trip”.. “dreaming”.. “poetry and tones”.. “beauty”.. That is what her audience say about her music and live performances. 

“She immersed in jazz exactly as it should. Accidentally, off the road, honestly. I believe that this girl will leave a trace on the European sky of a new generation of free musicians.” (Tomislav Lovro Pavleka, Kamene priče - jazz apartments).

Bára Zmeková is a singer, composer and pianist from Prague, Czech Republic. Her music is blend of folk, jazz and classical spiced with a bit of electronics. The fragile and earnest nature of her songs is balanced by humour and playfulness. With her voice and piano she has ability to take her audience for a soul trip even though she sings her songs in Czech.

Bára released her second album LUNAVES in 2019. It stayed on the top of music charts in Czech Republic for three months and had very good reactions of music specialists in both, Czech and abroad. With her live performance she become a winner of Czech Music Crossroads 2019 and she was also nominated for Czech Music Academy Awards Andel in two main categories – Best female artist and Best new artist. For LUNAVES, she also created a remix version with her friends producers from Czechia, Slovakia and Colombia. The album is called LNVS (rmxd) and it was release in June this year. She is visiting Opus Jazz Club with her great musicians and friends Nina Marinova (violin/vocal), Michal Mihok (accordion) and Viktor Doricak (drums/vocal).

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