Bendegúz Varga Quartet feat. Tzumo: Chasing Your Dreams – record release concert (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • János Ávéd - saxophone
  • Márton Fenyvesi - guitar
  • Ádám Bögöthy - double bass
  • Bendegúz Varga - drums
  • Guest:
  • Árpád Tzumo - piano

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The second album of Bendegúz Varga's band, released on Tom-Tom Records, is the follow-up to
Goldmund, released in 2018, with perhaps an even more sophisticated sound and a clearer commitment to experimental contemporary jazz. The compositions and arrangements of the band leader and members are carefully crafted, with consistent emotional and atmospheric characteristics, and their playing is of a high quality and sensitivity. The material on the album is varied yet coherent, and offers an accessible musical world even for those new to the jazz genre.

The bandleader is a drummer who plays in Júlia Karosi's band, but has also been a member of bands led by Károly Gáspár, Attila Rieger and Kristóf Bacsó for many years. He founded his own band in 2015; his current bandmates include János Ávéd, who has been voted saxophonist of the year several times, jazz guitarist Márton Fenyvesi, and Ádám Bögöthy, one of the scene's busiest bassists. The guest artist for the new album and this evening is virtuoso pianist Árpád Tzumo, a graduate of the Monk Institute in the US.

“We are all chasing our dreams. I think one of the most important virtues is to keep chasing. With this album, Bendegúz and his band have caught up with their dreams, and I congratulate them from the bottom of my heart”, said jazz guitarist and composer Gábor Juhász about the new album.


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2023 June 17 Saturday