CANCELLED | Daniel Zamir and Nitzan Bar (IL)

Israeli Jazz Spring 2020
Opus Jazz Club
  • Daniel Zamir - saxophone
  • Nitzan Bar - guitar
Dear Guests,
We regret to inform you that due to the quarantine measures enacted by the State of Israel, the artists are forced to cancel their March 11 concert at Opus Jazz Club.
Tickets purchased online will be automatically refunded by Interticket. Tickets purchased in person are refundable at the point of purchase. Registered guests will be notified by the organizers.
We appreciate your understanding.
Budapest Music Center – Opus Jazz Club, 03/10/2020

Arriving from New York on March 11, Daniel Zamir is one of the great visionaries of Israeli jazz, mixing traditional Hasidic music with Indian and West African rhythms and much more. At Opus Jazz Club, Zamir will join forces with the 21-year old shooting star guitarist, Nitzan Bar, member of The Israel Jazz Orchestra. Daniel and Nitzan have a very strong and similar sense of time, which makes their connection so strong, it is telepathic. They float together in time and space, playing on the beat or over the beat, breaking the boundaries of the bar, and then landing right there together on the “one”. Their approach to improvisation is similar as both of them strive for perfection, having their ideas expressed on the premise of precision, technique, knowledge and listening. Their unique energy creates a concert that has hard core jazz fused with Jewish elements, Arab concepts, Indian rhythmic secrets with jazz intellect that is both classic and modern. Their debut album is about to be released in a few months following their 2020 tour.

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