Eszter Pozsár 50

Opus Jazz Club
  • Eszter Pozsár - flutes, saxophone
  • József Csurkulya - cimbalom
  • Sándor Horányi - guitar
  • Zsófi Hudák - double bass
  • Levente Puskás - saxophone
  • Nagy János Yancha - zongora

Saxophonist-flutist Eszter Pozsár celebrates his 50th birthday at Opus. In the first half of the concert, she plays contemporary jazz with her formation called Contempo – in which we can hear the compositions of her own and fellow musicians in the company of cimbalomist József Csurkulya and guitarist Sándor Horányi. "Growing up in this part of the world has had a lot of impact on us. European classical music, folk songs (Hungarian and Balkan), jazz, and a lot of trends within it. We made a detour into many other musical styles, and all of these many experiences shaped us, shaped our musical style. We have united all that we have received with a good heart, and we do not think in styles, in boxes… we just play music, we create today, in the XXI. century to our contemporary audience" – she wrote about the factors that shape the band's contemporary repertoire. In the second half of the concert, her musician friends, pianist János Nagy, double bassist Zsófi Hudák and saxophonist Levente Puskás will join them, completing the circle of celebrants.

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2020 September 18 Friday