EurOpus | ['ʃelest] | Ronny Graupe - Lucia Cadotsch - Kit Downes (DE/CH/UK)

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Opus Jazz Club
  • Ronny Graupe - guitar
  • Lucia Cadotsch - voice
  • Kit Downes - piano

The trio is devoted to a general disturbance variable that appears as a random pattern in disturbances.
Since time immemorial it has been, and still is, active in the background.
Although it is perceived through the ears, the memory of it can trigger
processes in the heart area that can be pleasant, disturbing, inspiring or painful.
It can occur above and below. This is where it is at home.
It can be white, brown, or red.
It can be found on every beach, in every forest, and in every river.
It is part of what you are reading now:

The Graupe - Cadotsch Duo originally formed in Berlin during the first lockdown and started interpreting timeless songs. When arranging, Ronny respected the melodies, but took great liberties in detaching himself harmonically and rhythmically from the material originally given while Lucia's subtle and sonorous voice flies gently over the pieces.

For the occasion of performing at Opus Jazz Club and recording their repertoire for BMC Records, the duo morphs into a trio by inviting Kit Downes from London to join them. With the addition of a piano, the possibilities in terms of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic expression are expanded and the simplicity of the melody can be combined with harmonic complexity. In addition, a trio situation opens up further spaces for improvisation, which are explored together in a trio context.

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