Kerub (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • László Farkas Keönch - cajon, udu, darbuka, kanjira, jew's harp, glockenspiel, bells, shaker, sound effects, vocals
  • Zoltán Mizsei - keys, piano, vocals
  • Béla  Ágoston - C-melody and soprano saxophones, alto clarinet, bagpipe, alphorn, steel drum, vocals

Akin musical interest, openness, similar vision and secession from the creative workday life, spent with tight-kept wings, turn the common improvisation to a celebration, resembling to a free soaring where Nothing-but-Nothing has been discussed but the time to be spent with playing. In the symbiosis of the trio, togetherness is the only source of inspiration for their gliding music. Though this musical retreat, based on contemporary improvisation techniques, may be a fragile flying modus, the participants speak a common language and hear each other on the right way. Cherubs have four faces, Kerub just three. Perhaps the fourth one is an Ancestor invoked by them – speaking in their tongues.

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