Kornél Mogyoró – Péter Papesch Duo (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Kornél Mogyoró - percussion
  • Szabolcs Németh - didgeridoo, cora lute
  • Péter Papesch - bass guitar, tenor bass guitar

In their concert entitled Ancient rhythms, Kornél Mogyoró multi-percussionist and Péter Papesch bass guitarist dazzles the audience with individual instrumentation, as well as amazing virtuosity and musicality. Besides ancient instruments, such as cajon, bongo, macaras or kalimba, Mogyoró’s set features the modern steel drum, handpan and Roland HPD-20, too, while Papesch will also play the rather rarely encountered tenor bass guitar. In some songs, they are joined by Szabolcs Németh, an excellent artist of the Australian didgeridoo and the African cora lute. In this concert, ancient rhythms blend with today’s musical trends, by means of modern technology and the performance of extraordinary musicians.

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2022 July 14 Thursday