Susanne Lundeng Trio (NO)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Susanne Lundeng - violin
  • Nils-Olav Johansen - guitar
  • Per Oddvar Johansen - drums

Susanne Lundeng is one of Norway's most highly regarded folk musicians. She has her musical roots in the folk music of Northern Norway and has a distinctive sound as a fiddler, composer, singer, and musical freethinker. She was awarded a Spellemannspris (Norwegian Grammy) in the folk music category for her recording of fiddle tunes from the county of Nordland.

With an ambivalent relationship to the art form and the old traditions that follow, Susanne has developed her sound over time and has received great acceptance within the international scene. In her interplay with renowned jazz musicians Nils-Olav Johansen and Per Oddvar Johansen, she explores the music through improvisational conversation. In her lyrics and melodies, Susanne Lundeng portrays the drama of life itself and its impact on both people and the landscape. Her music has been described as profoundly melancholic, subdued, tender, and stormy.

Recently she released her 13th album, Følge. Her musical language lies faithfully in the depths of the Northern Norwegian prime rhythm, a pulsating three-four beat with power and intensity and the poetic and musical lines of folk tunes. Here, elongated, painterly musical images with the fiddle as narrator and small sensual observations in the lyrics are permanently close at hand.

Susanne has also received prominent awards such as The Norwegian Grammy Award, Gammeleng-prisen, Nordlysprisen, Europa-Preis für Volkskunst, Folkelarmprisen 2014, Folkelarmprisen 2015, NOPAs tekstpris 2018.


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