Opus Jazz Club
  • Áron Tálas - drums, moog
  • Zoltán Zana - EWI saxophone synthesizer
  • István Tóth jr. - guitar

Áron Tálas, who is playing the piano music and the drums with the same outstanding musicality, isn't a type who would be resting on his - well deserved - laurels. He is a basic member of the Mihály Borbély Quartet for years, this year he has released on BMC Records the new album of his own piano (piano) trio, the same he time is working with guitarist Márton Fenyvesi, and bass guitarist Tibor Fonay with the electronic-ambient-world trio of Flight Modus, also preparing an album, and just for fun, gives a few concerts with his Rhodes Trio. A few weeks ago, however, he appeared with a new trio on the stage of some of the clubs in Budapest. At this time, Áron is there primarily as a drummer, but plays the moog as well. He is accompanied in the trio by the Hungarian master of EWI, Zoltán Zana and the excellent young guitar player, István Tóth jr. The improvisational, groovy music of the trio is to be compared perhaps to that of Flight Modus, drawing inspiration from jazz harmonies, hip-hop, and various electronic genres.

Tickets are available for 1500 HUF on the spot,
online at, and at InterTicket Jegypont partners across Hungary.

Please don't forget to reserve a table after purchasing your ticket, as seating at Opus Jazz Club can only be guaranteed in this case.

We hold reservations until 8pm. Remaining tables are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

For reservations, please call +36 1 216 7894 and have your ticket or voucher at hand.


2018 August 30 Thursday