Vive le Jazz! Festival | Paul Jarret 'Ghost Songs' feat. Jim Black, Jozef Dumoulin & Julien Pontvianne (FR/US/BE)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Paul Jarret - guitar
  • Julien Pontvianne - saxophone
  • Jozef Dumoulin - Fender Rhodes, bass synth
  • Jim Black - drums

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Paul Jarret and Jim Black share a taste for adventurous improvisations derived from so-called free music, and were both immersed in the indie rock culture of the 90s. Ghost Songs, initially conceived for Talents Adami Jazz with Jozef Dumoulin and Julien Pontvianne, is based on Paul Jarret's compositions, written especially for the project in order to offer a new and original creation.

With deliberately simple, almost pop or folk melodies, the aim is to let these strong musical personalities express themselves individually and collectively, leaving plenty of room for sonorities, silence, improvisation and interaction. Freedom will be sought within very broad playing spaces, yet marked by melodies that speak to us and are poignant, almost childlike.

These songs, the basic material of their repertoire, would appear as spectres, ghosts barely visible but nonetheless very present, naturally imposing an atmosphere and a state of mind. Always there in the background, they will play on the memory of musicians and listeners, appearing and disappearing in ever-changing, ever-renewed forms.

Photos by Sylvain Gripoix

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2023 October 19 Thursday