Vive le Jazz | Erdmann – Marguet – Angelini – Labarrière: Pronto!

Opus Jazz Club
  • Daniel Erdmann - saxophone
  • Christophe Marguet - drums
  • Bruno Angelini - piano
  • Hélène Labarrière - bass

After a collaboration started in 2010, the duo album released in 2013 entitled Together, together! (Jazzmagazine - Choc, Jazz News Sélection, Citizen Jazz - Élu ), then Three Roads Home in 2018 with Henri Texier and Claude Tchamitchian (Citizen Jazz - Élu, Culture Jazz - Oui!, etc.), Daniel Erdmann and Christophe Marguet continue their association by inviting two major figures of the french Jazz scene: the piano palyer Bruno Angelini and the bass player Hélène Labarrière.

This collaboration is completely new, it was born from the desire to confront each other's universes, as well as to bring together these strong and outstanding personalities of contemporary jazz. The repertoire will be entirely composed by Daniel Erdmann and Christophe Marguet.

Rich in many experiences, they are always eager for new human and musical encounters, this quartet is an exact reflection of that. Pronto! means 'ready': to be ready for something, to be ready, fast, prompt, and resonates like an urgency to live the present moment, the intensity of the moment, it is also the awareness of being at a point of balance, a special moment when we feel totally invested in our quest for music and life.

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2021 October 14 Thursday