Ágnes Bazsinka: las IIII (HU/PL)

album debut concert
Opus Jazz Club
  • Ágnes Bazsinka - vocal
  • Szymon Bora - vibraphone
  • J. J. Kołacki - double bass
  • Bartłomiej Dybel - drums

An organic musical space to immerse in, where the unique words of Ágnes Bazsinka singer, composer, Szymon Bora vibraphonist, Bartłomiej Dybel drummer and J.J. Kołacki double bassist are connecting, evolving, merging to a new state of consistency. Repetitive patterns, polyrhythmia, aetherial tones, unconventional stylistical choices, extensive usage of instruments and voice, improvisation and storytelling provides the evershapeable basis of their sound. The common need for feeling liberated as well as stimulated in music, exploring new possibilities collectively and within oneself: this is what's fueling the creative work of the four musicians exploring new possibilities.

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2020 August 01 Saturday