Dániel Varga Eastern Euopean Quartet (HU/PL/HR) - album debut concert

Opus Jazz Club
  • Daniel Varga - saxophone
  • Piotr Lipowicz - guitar
  • Ivar Roban Krizic - double bass
  • Piotr Budniak - drums

Gallery tickets will be available on the spot even if the online ticketing system tells you that the show is sold out. Please order your drinks downstairs at the bar if you are seated on the gallery.

Dániel Varga's international quartet will bring his new and debut album to the Opus stage. "I would categorize the album's material into a modern mainstream category, spiced up with some free jazz influences. Of course, the feeling of freedom is extremely strong with the virtuosity, professionalism and sensitivity of the artists. Going between songs, I increasingly felt that I listen to complex music, yet it relaxes, and as much as it drops my blood pressure, it puts in a meditative state. It speaks with the utmost sincerity and moves into higher realms. The new album of Dániel Varga represents and creates value, which I recommend to all listeners with great enthusiasm!" - Károly Gáspár wrote about the album on

The album was supported by the Waclaw Felczak Foundation.

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2022 July 22 Friday