Fresh Folk | Helka Banda (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Helga Debreczeni-Kis - zither, vocals
  • Anikó Barna - koboz, vocals
  • Bettina Török - double bass

Helka Band, founded in 2021, is characterized by taboo-breaking, feminine energies, uncompromising honesty, musical fusions and a good dose of charm. Most of the band has a strong spiritual and professional connection to folk music, the authentic music mixes with elements brought from jazz and classical music, creating a unique world of sound.

Their folk music adaptations were born in the spirit of eclecticism: in their songs, they allow themselves the creative freedom to select materials from different archival musical sources, regardless of place and time, so that valuable lyrics, lesser-known folk songs, form the core of this musical fabric.

"The cornerstone of our own songs is the knowledge we have acquired about ourselves during the path of self-awareness. In our songs, topics such as sweating, accepting our bodies, or just to everybody leave us alone are covered" - they said.

One of the specialties of the band lies in the instrument park. The zither is a popular folk instrument throughout the country, which has received the cohabitation that has survived in Moldova, among other places. This pair of folk instruments was accompanied by an electric bass.

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2022 January 27 Thursday