Erdmann - Courtois - Fincker: Trio de L’imprevue (DE/FR)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Vincent Courtois - cello
  • Daniel Erdmann - tenor saxophone
  • Robin Fincker - clarinet, tenor saxophone

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Cellist Vincent Courtois formed a trio with saxophonist Daniel Erdmann and saxophonist Robin Fincker ten years ago with the goal of opening up new dimensions in front of their instruments. According to his own confession, this rather unusual line-up in jazz, in addition to placing great responsibility on all three instruments, does not narrow the musical possibilities, but on the contrary: for all three members of the trio, interoperability between the soloist-harmony-rhythm instrument roles becomes complete. The trio of equal members is thus able to sound like an orchestra, multiplying their strength and possibilities. All three members of the formation are renowned representatives of the French - and the German (Erdmann) and British (Fincker) - jazz music scene, holding numerous awards who have perfected the trio’s sound through five joint repertoires, four albums and numerous concerts in Europe and the United States. All three are artists have been released albums on BMC Records, and this time as a sign of their loyalty to the BMC, they want to provide the Opus Jazz Club’s audience a whole new experience: the musicians decided to bet on loyalty and complicity by proposing a totally improvised concert.

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2022 January 28 Friday