Gábor Tojás Horváth Trio (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Gábor Horváth „Tojás” - piano
  • Balázs Horváth - double bass
  • Attila Gálfi - drums

“Gabor is a real genuine person. Great pianist and a fabulous composer. He has got something to show off. He is fireing!” (Joey Calderazzo)
“This impressive work strikes a good balance between strict formality and smooth elegance. Freely changing the expression and the breathing from time to time in a ‘thrilling & tasty’ way.” (Japan CD review-Catfish Records)

The Gábor Horváth Trio is an acoustic sounding, jazz-based unit inspired by various musical genres – for instance film music, pop, folk and even classical music.
In his trio, Gábor performs with drummer Attila Gálfi, with whom he has been playing together for over twenty years, and Balázs Horváth, whose strong bass-lines give their music a characteristic sound. Their musical collaboration results in a vibrant, ever-communicating and particularly emotional music. The trio’s creativity manifests itself in the band’s wide-scale musical palette: the compositions vary from subtle lyricism to more straight-ahead songs. The trio’s debut album, Steps Away achieved great admiration not only in Hungary, but in Japan as well. Soundtrack, their recent could be the accompanying music to people’s day-to-day life, starting with the morning, awakening, up to the evening to return home. 

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