Grencsó Free Port with Lewis Jordan (HU/US)

Opus Jazz Club
  • István Grencsó - wind instruments
  • Lewis Jordan - alto saxophone, poems
  • Róbert Benkő - double bass
  • Szilveszter Miklós - drums

For over 20 years Grencsó and Jordan have savored their international connection. From the early performances together at Gödör at Deák tér, Jelen near Blaha Lujza tér, and Trafó in Budapest, they have inspired each other into a whirlwind of improvisation. Since then, outside of Budapest, they have performed from Győr to Szeged and from Magyarkanizsa to Dunaszerdahely. They have recorded twice on the BMC label (Homespun in Black and White, and Local Time). Both musicians thrive in an atmosphere of free exploration, and they shape their sounds in a way to summon the spirits. Those spirits may come quietly, or they may come ferociously, but the summoning is what matters. Grencsó plays saxophones, clarinet, flute, and wind instruments of all kinds. Jordan plays alto saxophone and adds his poetry to their presentations. Jordan, based in California, leads his Music at Large ensemble there and they have released four recent CDs, with Critical Mass (Innova 073) the latest.


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