Jazzy Live│Duo Machado – Ithursarry (F)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Jean-Marie Machado - piano
  • Didier Ithursarry - accordion

 The complicity between Machado and Ithursarry is quite surprising. Telepathy and originality can be felt in their interactions. They have the love of dance and songs and also of the less trodden paths in common. Machado can imperceptibly progress from lyricism to far more abstract and dreamlike atmospheres. At times Ithursarry picks a note to alter it until dissonance. (Jean-François Mondot, Jazz Magazine)

With dazzling complicity, both musicians build a dialogue they say is romantic but in fact goes through endless pathways: lyrical fineness … stifling harmonic the thousand contrasts ecumenical and demanding... Jean-Marie Machado & Didier Ithursarry both assert a rich as well as beneficial musicality… (Pierre Tenne, Jazz News)

The control over the harmony, over the sounds, gives you wings, especially when you share hand in hand the same sensitivity and sense of dialogue ‘on a human level’. The intimacy of this record reminds us of Soft Talk by Michel Graillier and Riccardo Del Fra. (Pierre Gros, Culture Jazz) 

The duo (…) is a logical follow-up of what Jean-Marie Machado and Didier Ithursarry have grown together. It was not decided, it happened. (…) They are both soloists and accompanists, not in turn but with a common impetus, with appearances, with comments, with lyric flights or embellishments that seem intended to highlight the way the other plays… (Olivier Acosta, Citizen Jazz)

Praise to melancholy (…), Jean-Marie Machado and Didier Ithursarry are both stellar in that area, filled by memories, ancient feelings, and buried musical passions. The level of musical conception is high, the lyricism intense and the feeling ubiquitous. Jean-Marie Machado, who delivers once more with fine company a beautiful artistic record. (Xavier Prévost, Dernières nouvelles du jazz)

A duet with Didier Ithursarry, Jean-Marie Machado has the gesture of a concert player and a composer carried away by sparks of improvisation with a blend of precision, dynamism and originality that, were they still alive, the generation of Granados or De Falla should be quite jealous of… (Franck Bergerot, Jazz Magazine)

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