Péter Ajtai – Mingus! Mingus! Mingus! (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Péter Ajtai - double bass
  • János Ávéd - tenor saxophone
  • Gergő Kováts - baritone saxophone
  • Aram Shelton - alto saxophone
  • Máté Pozsár - piano
  • Tamás Geröly - drums

Péter Ajtai’s long-cherished dream came true with the formation of a group adapting music by Charles Mingus. Concerning Mingus it’s indisputable that we are dealing with an artist who is absolutely beyond any genre or classification, so it is understandable why does he enjoy the same respect in entirely different segments of the jazz scene. The members of the Mingus, Mingus, Mingus ensemble are well-known figures of the avant-garde music scene in Hungary, who don't play the music of Mingus note by note, but grasping its essence, try to shape it to their own face.

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