Fresh Folk | Sára Tímár Band (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Sára Tímár - vocals
  • Dániel Szabó - cimbalom, vocals
  • Mátyás Bolya - koboz
  • Tamás Nyitrai - violin
  • Márton Fekete - contra
  • András Lelkes - double bass
  • Lehel Hargitai-Halászi - flute, percussive cello

Sára Tímár, the unique, experimental singer of her generation won the Junior Prize Award in the category of Hungarian folk art in 2011. Although she graduated as a teacher at the Department of Folk Music of the Ferenc Liszt University of Music, her interests also extend to the frontiers of folk music. As a member of the Sebő ensemble, she came into contact with the world of sung poems, and seeks the creative possibilities of folk singing as the founding member of the Dalinda a cappella choir.

In their new program, entitled Ének a határtalanról (Song of the Infinite), we can hear Sára Tímár's adaptations of poems and folk music, in which the cimbalom player Dániel Szabó is the co-author. They have collected poems by Sándor Weöres with a central theme of eternity, the search for harmony, life after death, awareness, and eternal love. These themes reflect the spiritual world of the singer and her need to experience the most essential life essences. The musical accompaniment of the poems and folk songs faithfully reflects what it has to say, yet provides excellent entertainment for the audience. Where it lifts, it flies high, and where it stretches the deeper layers of the human soul.

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