Szilvia Bognár Sextet – Birthday Concert (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Szilvia Bognár - vocals
  • Péter Bede - saxophone
  • Zsolt Csókás - guitar
  • Zoltán Kovács - double bass
  • Péter Szalai - kalimba, percussions
  • Csaba Gyulai - percussions, gadulka

Szilvia Bognár - who is celebrating her birthday with this concert - is one of the most sought-after singers in Hungarian folk and world music, a soloist of numerous productions. With her own formations, she has so far produced six solo albums, ranging from Renaissance songs to children’s songs to progressive world music. In the repertoire of Szilvia Sextet Bognár, Hungarian, Gypsy, Bulgarian and Greek songs are performed with an unconventional line-up and orchestration, as the program meets three worlds - folk music, jazz and Indian classical music. Preserving the fundamentally acoustic world of sound and the naturalness of the traditional way of performing, the different musical styles and traditional melodies paddle safely through the Babylonian variety.

In addition to her favorite songs on this special occasion, the band will be performing with some new songs and, to some extent, the songs of the singer's previous world music formations will be sung. What's more, by making the lines of Kányádi, Weöres and Ágnes Nemes Nagy, the children in the audience, no matter how old, can lure the child inherent in them...

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2022 February 17 Thursday