Geröly Space Sextet (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Gergő Kováts - saxophone
  • Dániel Cseke - saxophone
  • Bálint Bolcsó - electronics
  • Ádám Czitrom - guitar
  • Péter Ajtai - double bass
  • Tamás Geröly - drums, percussions

"I owe a lot to the beginnings. I think I can rightly be proud of my musical background. I could be the fellow musician of István Grencsó, György Szabados and Mihály Dresch. The former cohesive power of these communities – as a kind of samurai pride – resides here in me. Does art reflect the state of society? Its main value is that unique? That would be ideal, however, the world wants to have fun. And the artist grinds there between these two millstones with opposite motion. That is why we say that art is a business of torment and pain. On June 1, I will be performing with outstanding musicians who will be able to give me the opportunity to play parallel to the accompaniment. Their sense of form, ability to break form, and their desire for catharsis make me optimistic. This music has a serious future ahead of us here as well, I dare take poison from the stronger variety... As the menu of the evening, we offer free compositions and our own pieces spiced with a powerful and vast amount of improvisation." Tamás Geröly

The concert of one of the most characteristic percussionists in Hungary, Tamás Geröly and his friends, promises to be a real treat for the fans of complex contemporary free music. The outstanding Hungarian representatives of the genre – at the same time the representatives of two generations of musicians – have played together several times in different formations and on unique occasions, but they have not performed on this stage so far.

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2022 June 01 Wednesday