Théo Ceccaldi – Roberto Negro (F)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Théo Ceccaldi - violin
  • Roberto Negro - piano

“A duo of geniuses.” “Breathtaking from start to finish. Magistral!” “Théo Ceccaldi plays the violin with a mastery that renews what was believed to be the instrument. Roberto Negro is a pianist inhabited by poetry.” “The complicity of Théo Ceccaldi and the pianist Roberto Negro goes beyond reason.” – just a few quotes from the multitude of enthusiastic reviews about the virtuoso and joyfully iconoclastic duo of violinist Théo Ceccaldi, recent award winner Revelation of the Year at Les Victoires du Jazz 2017 and pianist Roberto Negro. With their program, Danse de Salon, they deliver to the public a music of the most enriching kind leaving them some questions open: Shall we dance? Is this chamber music or something crazy free? Or perhaps all this together? The fundamental goal of Theo Ceccaldi and Roberto Negro is indeed to pamper their listeners. To cherish them as one would cherish an infant. To cherish them as well, or even better, that they themselves were cherished in their early childhood. All this by their exquisite score, neither too gallant nor too learned.

By deploying a discourse of a great subtlety of nuances, constantly seeking to reconcile ardour, lyricism and formal sophistication, Theo Ceccaldi is certainly among the great revelations of the contemporary jazz scene. Embarked from a very early age in very serious classical studies, but at all times attracted by the freedom of jazz, he really found his voice in 2010 by creating with his brother Valentin on cello and Guillaume Aknine on guitar, an original trio linking the western chamber music tradition and free improvisation. Being a founding member of the young collective Tricollectif Orlean, with pianist Roberto Negro among others, the violinist also participates actively in a series of formations. Praised by his peers, Theo Ceccaldi joined Olivier Benoît's new ONJ, the IXI improvised music string quartet, as well as the Franco-German TEE Ensemble of the pianist Hans Lüdemann among others.

Pianist Roberto Negro, graduated in Jazz at CRR Chambéry, and landed in Paris in 2008 where he took some lessons with Marc Ducret, Denis Badault, Benoit Delbecq then enrolled a year at the Music Center Didier Lockwood where he won a Composition Prize. With members of the Tricollectif, Theo Ceccaldi on violin, Valentin Ceccaldi on cello and Adrien Chennebault on drums, he founded the quartet La Scala. More than ever eager for meetings, renewal and transgender idiomatic experiments, Roberto Negro is currently carrying out a multitude of projects. His versatile playing brings him to express himself alongside various musicians such as Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, Daniel Humair, Laurent Dehors, Franck Vaillant, Andy Emler, Joce Mienniel, David Enhco, Luis Vicente or Nicolas Crosse and Eric-Maria Couturier of the Ensemble Inter-Contemporain. 

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