Volker Goetze Trio: African Flamenco Jazz (DE/SN/ES)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Volker Goetze - trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Ali Boulo Santo Cissoko - kora, vocals
  • Alejandro Moreno - flamenco guitar

This has never happened before: in this trio the Sketches of Spain are drawn in an African way. This trumpet-kora-guitar trio transcends both geographic and musical boundaries resulting in a unique musical synthesis that fused the timeless tradition of the storyteller/griot and the flamenco heritage with a modern perspective, set out on an spiritual sonic journey, one that ranges from the desert and coast of West Africa through the landscapes of Andalusia to the urban athmosphere of New York, which addresses themes of our ancient spiritual roots, and our hurried, dehumanized modern strife. The flamenco guitar, kora and trumpet together undertake a futuristic journey through time, bringing many of the newly developed flamenco scales and rhythms to the West African kora via modal approaches and the Andalusian cadence with which Bach composed. The pentatonic possibilities are endless.

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2022 March 11 Friday