Zita Gereben (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Zita Gereben - vocals
  • Gábor Horváth Tojás - keyboards
  • Bence Bécsy - guitar
  • István Bata - bass guitar
  • Attila Gálfi - drums

Zita Gereben, one of the outstanding singers of the young generation, was first recognized as the vocalist of pop groups like Emil.RuleZ and the Gringo Star. However, Zita’s musical career is much more diverse. A large number of successful club concerts and festivals are proving her routine to adapt her velvety voice in a wide range of genres.

On their third album, My Festival, Zita Gereben and her group are blending acoustic sound with electronic dance music, jazz, R'n'B and funk, resulting in an exciting pop music, where, like on the various stages in a festival, everyone can find the genre he likes the best. The diversity of songs, however, reflects a unified style that is sophisticatedly mixed with the melodic world so typical of Zita.

This concert is supported by NKA Hangfoglaló Program.

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2019 October 22 Tuesday