Trio Grande (BE)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Laurent Dehors - szaxofon, klarinét, duda, doromb, harmonika
  • Michel Massot - euphonium, sousaphone, harsona
  • Michel Debrulle - dob

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The smallest big band in the world!

This all-terrain trio can charm its audience anywhere in the world whether they appear in the intimacy of a club or on a big stage at a festival. Their music can be defined as libertarian, joyous and communicative. These three musketeers have played together for a quarter of a century, something sufficiently rare as to be highlighted! Those who saw them back in 2008 on the stage of MOL Budapest Jazz Festival’s ‘European Jazz Boat’ are still often recalling their concert and those magic moments in the end, having them walking and playing their crazy instruments among a completely enchanted audience.

“This trio answers the question of jazz today... Do we really have to label it? Far from identity crises, there is no question here that dance, tempos and emotion are shared through the language of sound. Permanently balanced between the momentum and the suspension, Trio Grande is a group of maturity, of happiness found through experience and over time, a hymn to life and to beauty, far from any intention of fooling-around.” A. Dumas 

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