Korean Jazz Nights | Cho Yoonseung Trio Feat. Lee Seunghee (KR)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Cho Yoonseung - piano
  • Hwang Hogyu - bass
  • Shin Dongjin - drums
  • Lee Seunghee - voice

"Awesome, great, fantastic" - all good and countless adjectives cannot describe these artists' performance. World-known pianist Cho Yoonseung, a musician with multi talents, is a formal member of Monk Institute and also praised by Herbie Hancock as a performer. Bassist, Hwang Hogye, no more words to add, is the top class musician in the field of jazz. Monstrous performer Shin Dongjin is the leading drummer in the field with his own interpretation of music. These musicians meet with a Korean traditional Sori artist, Lee Seunghee to create a new trend of music, 'Jazz Taryung'. Korean traditional folk genre minyo from different regions of Korea with jazz sound creates a new but utmost taste in music. Jazz Taryung will give a unforgettable thrill and splendid experience you've never had.

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2022 May 12 Thursday