Kosztolánszki Quintet (HU)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Dominik Kosztolánszki - tenor saxophone
  • Márton Udvardi - trumpet
  • Péter Cseh - guitar
  • Márk Miskolczi - double bass
  • Ambrus Richter - drums

The Kosztolánszki Quintet is a vibrant young group, playing modern jazz, based on the musical world of the sixties and seventies, inspired by their own individual musical culture and experiences. Their declared purpose is to open a window and give the younger generation an insight into their musical diversity, which, in addition to their originals, creates a rolling atmosphere through the compositions and styles of hard-bop musicians. The band is proud that, although the jazz genre is hardly the most popular among young people, they have managed to win a secure, inclusive and growing audience for their concerts.

In addition to the 19-year-old tenor saxophonist and leader, Dominik Kosztolánszki, the Young Jazz Musician of the Year prize-holder drummer Ambrus Richter, the metronome of the quintet, and the three other young and talented musicians have also performed at numerous local and foreign club concerts already.

Tickets are available for 1500 HUF on the spot, online at,
and at InterTicket Jegypont partners across Hungary.

Table reservations are automatically added during ticket purchase. We hold reservations until 8pm.

For more information, please call +36 1 216 7894


2019 July 17 Wednesday