Kristóf Bacsó Triad & Daniele Camarda (HU/IT)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Kristóf Bacsó - saxophone, effects
  • Áron Tálas - Fender Rhodes, piano
  • Márton Juhász - drums
  • guest:
  • Daniele Camarda - bassguitar

Saxophonist-composer Kristóf Bacsó occasionally extends his musical field of vision with guest musicians, as was the case when he last recorded a record with guitarist Lionel Loueke from Benin at BMC Records entitled Pannon Blue, creating a fusion of Hungarian-focused contemporary jazz and improvisational music fueled by West African influences. And so it is now when the Bacsó Kristóf Triad gives a concert together with Kristóf's old friend, the Italian bassist Daniele Camarda. Daniele himself strengthens the camp of border tensioners, as he doesn’t use the bass guitar in the usual way, but by expanding its capabilities, he plays it on seven strings, allowing it to sound like a solo guitar. The use of electronics, which already played a prominent role in Bacsó's previous album, Pannon Blue, opens the door to further dimensions. At this concert we can hear the latest compositions of Kristóf Bacsó, which include the experiences of the last two years and which have the influence of piano literature, including Erik Satie.

Kristóf Bacsó has released four albums in recent years, on which his compositions have been performed in an enjoyable orchestration by his trio, quartet, quintet or the Modern Art Orchestra, of which he is one of the founders and key members. Of these formations, however, he considers his band TRIAD as his own child, in which one of his partners on the keyboards is Artisjus Award-winning Áron Tálas, who, in addition to the piano, also touches the Fender Rhodes piano and other electronic tones with great originality. The third member of the band is drummer Márton Juhász, who has now become an active participant not only in the circulation of Hungarian, but also European jazz scene. TRIAD’s music mixes elements of jazz and contemporary music with a sense of Eastern European music. The formation was created with the intention that in addition to the carefully worked out parts, the joint improvisations could play an important role.

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2022 February 11 Friday