Opus Jazz Club
  • Jean-Marie Machado - piano
  • Vincent Ségal - cello
  • Jean-Charles Richard - saxophones, flutes
  • Keyvan Chemirani - drums

Jean-Marie Machado's music does not suffer from borders and hybridizes to make cultures and languages intertwine. In this album, the pianist brings together, under the pretty name of Majakka (the Finnish word for lighthouse), various pieces that have brought a particular color to his musical journey, inspired by his cultural heritage, his encounters and his prolific career as a composer. Pieces of life and music which are guiding him like the light of a lighthouse...

"For the first time I felt like looking back and listening to some of my old records again," says Machado. "I saw a color come out and it was becoming mine, a light that imposed itself. I felt the need to accept something that had happened in spite of myself".

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2022 February 24 Thursday