MAO Art of Virus #8 János Ávéd feat. Máté Pozsár

Opus Jazz Club
  • Máté Pozsár - piano
  • Modern Art Orchestra

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MAO gives highlighted attention to the AOV-artists and their connections in the 2021/22-season. The last concerts of the season will introduce the compositions of the AOV #8 branch of the project launched by the genius saxophonist and composer of the Orchestra, János Ávéd.  The invited guest soloist of the night will be Máté Pozsár, composer and pianist. He will share the stage with MAO for the first time and his original compositions will be featured in the setlist. 

János Ávéd, one of Hungary’s most special voices on the saxophone, soloist, composer and arranger of Modern Art Orchestra, is a top-tier musical mind and instrumentalist. His creativity and curiosity fuels artistic processes that result in surprising, earthy, impulsive, but still extremely sensitive music. Besides being a vital factor in MAO, János is active in his groups János Ávéd Quartet, Balance and Transform Quintet, and is a regular guest artist in a wide range of projects. His compositorial album, The Fruit of the Spirit, played by Modern Art Orchestra, was published in 2019. János joined Art Of Virus after the nomination of Kornél Fekete-Kovács, creating branch #8.

Máté Pozsár is a unique and prominent figure in the Hungarian free jazz scene. Due to his original perspective towards music and art in general, and his immense emotional intelligence in music, he is already inspiring many up-and-coming young musicians, while creating a dynamically evolving musical world around himself. His intellectual establishments with colleagues Péter Ajtai, Gergő Kováts and others have become vital parts in Hungarian contemporary culture. Máté was invited to join AOV by János Ávéd.

About the Art of Virus:

Kornél Fekete-Kovács, the art director of MAO launched nine notes and passed these to ten well-known composers worldwide during the 2020-quarantine of the pandemic. He asked to compose short pieces from these notes and pass on the composing opportunity to two other musicians. The international project got very successful in the course of a few months and 486 composers joined AOV from 42 countries worldwide.

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2022 June 23 Thursday