Sanne Rambags - Vincent Courtois - Julian Sartorius (NL/FR/CH)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Sanne Rambags - vocals, lyrics
  • Vincent Courtois - cello
  • Julian Sartorius - drums, percussion

Gallery tickets will be available on the spot even if the online ticketing system tells you that the show is sold out. Please order your drinks downstairs at the bar if you are seated on the gallery.

The dreamer, the man of moods and the restless man. Three special musical figures from European jazz meet on the Opus stage to combine a unique world to give the listener a kaleidoscopic experience. Dutch singer Sanne Rambags has created a unique style of improvisational singing that differs from the usual scat technique in jazz: with her voice and lyrics, she opens gates of dimensions, working where dream and waking meet. In the hands of the French cellist Vincent Courtois, the bow becomes a brush: he paints intricate and twisting stories with his instrument, his melodies showing topos that, although familiar, act with the power of novelty every time - as the best filmmakers do. Swiss drummer and media artist Julian Sartorius literally sees his instrument as a toy, a means by which he makes exciting discoveries about the world, in this case the world of sounds, for himself - and of course for the audience. Opus audiences enjoy a real privilege, as the trio's joint project, entitled TWIGS, is so recent that it has only been heard a few times in Europe so far, and will be recorded at BMC's studio during the concert days.

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2022 July 06 Wednesday