CANCELLED | Space Galvachers feat. Olivier Araste (FR)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Clément Janinet - violin
  • Clément Petit - cello
  • Benjamin Flament - percussion
  • Olivier Araste - voice, percussion

Dear Visitors,
We regret to inform you that the concert is cancelled due to unforeseen reasons. Tickets purchased online will be automatically refunded by InterTicket Kft. Tickets purchased on the spot may be refunded at the BMC Info Desk. Please check our website for further announcements. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate for your understanding.
Budapest Music Center

Lo Swar is the fusion of two galaxies whose trajectories might well never have crossed. Each in their own way, the musicians of Space Galvachers are children of jazz and improvised music, at the helm of their own projects or alongside artists such as Blick Bassy, ​​Ballaké Sissoko, Naïssam Jalal or even Oumou Sangaré. For his part, for twenty years, Olivier Araste has been leading the way, beating the maloya power of his group Lindigo, modern ambassador of Reunionese Creole from Bras-Panon to Tokyo, London or Maputo. 
This creation is steeped in the cultures of Reunion Island with the idea of ​​creating an "imaginary and modern folklore" in the service of the Creole language and inspired by the many local traditions. Lo Swar unveils highly sensory night music, twilight songs nourished by the poetry, mystery and intrinsic blues of the Reunionese fonnkèrs. Space Galvachers and Olivier Araste slide us into the gap between day and night, at a time when the uncertain light calms the spirits but also summons trance and dreams in the privacy of kaz.

2022 January 20 Thursday