j(A)zz! | Klio (A)

Opus Jazz Club
  • Philipp Harnisch - alto saxophone
  • Verena Zeiner - piano
  • Judith Ferstl - double bass
  • Mathias Koch - drums

The Austrian quartet Klio, formed just a few years ago, define themselves as a group dedicated to simplicity. For them, simplicity means to surrender everything unnecessary, to leave room for the musicians and listeners to become fully immersed in the experience. The full shape of their compositions, should it be written by any of them, only truly unfold through improvisation, stretching the framework of each composition to acknowledge and appreciate the presence of all participants – both of the performers and the listeners. The challenge for the musicians lies in engaging with the unplanned and unforseeable. Bravery is required to make decisions, to lead, and to allow oneself to be led. Or to simply enjoy silence.

Except pianist Verena Zeiner, performing the first time at the Opus Jazz Club, each of the three other members of the quartet appeared here already at one or more concerts of the j(A)zz! series: saxophone player Philipp Harnisch with Month of Sundays, double bass player Judith Ferstl with ChuffDrone and Klangzeug Orchester and drummer Mathias Koch with Shake Stew.

The eponymous debut album of Klio was recorded live in September 2016 and released in 2017 on Freifeld Tontraeger. 

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2018 September 11 Tuesday